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lirik lagu Mariah Carey "Touch My Body"

Intro: D A
D/F# Em – D/F# – D
MC, you're the place to be
A D/F#
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Em – D/F# –
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
I know that you've been waiting for it
I'm waiting too
D/F# Em – D/F# –
In my imagination I'd be all up on you
[Mariah Carey Chords – LearnGuitarMusic.com]
I know you got that fever for me
Hundred and two
Em – D/F#
And boy I know I feel the same
My temperature's through the roof

lirik lagu Avenged Sevenfold "Critical Acclaim"

Intro: Dm C Bb – C Dm (x4)
(*Dm 8va, one octave higher, 13 Fret – treble strings,1st,2nd,3th)
*Dm… D5…
D5 D5 – D#5-F5-D5
(Shh, quiet, you might piss somebody off)
D5 – D#5-F5-D5
Like me motherf~ker you've been at it for too long
[Avenged S, Critical Acclaim Chords – LearnGuitarMusic.com]
D5 – D#5-F5-D5
While you feed off others insecurities
D5 – D#5-F5-D5
You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds
(+) Self righteousness is wearing thin
D5 – D#5-F5-D5
(Lies inside your head your best friend)
D#5-F5 - D5
I'll bleed but not for f e l l o w man
(Broken glass, your fake reflection)
Dm C/E
Telling them its all for something real
Don't respect the words you’re speaking

lirik lagu Avenged SevenFold "Almost Easy"

Intro: Dm C Gm Bb – C (x2) |
D5 C5 – Bb5 – C5 – D5… (Bb5-A5-)
D5 C5 – Bb5 – C5 – D5…
[Avenged Sevenfold Chords – LearnGuitarMusic.com]
I feel insane
Every single time I’m asked to compromise
‘Cause I’m afraid and stuck in my ways
And that’s the way it stays
So how long did I expect love
to outweigh ignorance
By the look on your face
I may have forced the scale to tip
Chorus 1:
D5 - C5
I’m not insane
D5 - C5
I’m not insane
Bb5 F5 – E5

lirik lagu Scorpions "Blackout"

I Realize I Missed A Day
But I'm Too Wrecked To Care Anyway
I Look Arownd And And See This Face
What The Hell Have I Lost My Taste
Don't Want To Find Out
Just Want To Cut Out
My Head Explodes, My Ears Ring
I Can't Remember Just Where I've Been
The Last Thing That I Recall
I Got Lost In A Deep Black Hole

lirik lagu Scorpions "Humanity"

Auf wiedersehen
It’s time to say goodbye
The party’s over
As the laughter dies
An angel cries
It’s au revoir to your insanity
You sold your soul to feed your vanity
Your fantasies and lies
You’re a drop in the rain
Just a number not a name

lirik lagu Scorpions "Still Loving You"

Time, It Needs Time
To Win Back Your Love Again
I Will Be There, I Will Be There ...
Love, Only Love
Can Bring Back Your Love Someday
I Will Be There, I Will Be There ...
Fight, Baby I Fight
To Win Back Your Love Again
I Will Be There, I Will Be There ...
Love, Only Love
Can Break Down The Walls Someday
I Will Be There, I Will Be There.
If We'd Go Again All The Way From The Start
I Would Try To Change Things That Killed Our Love
Your Pride Has Built The Wall So Strong That I Can't Get Through!
Is There Really No Chance To Start Once Again?

lirik lagu Scorpions "Love Of My Life"

Love Of My Life

You've Hurt Me

You've Broken My Heart

And Now You Leave Me

Love Of My Life

Can't You See

Bring It Back, Bring It Back

Don't Take It Away From Me

Because You Don't Know

What It Means To Me

lirik lagu Scorpion "I Wanted To Cry (but The Tears Wouldn't Come)"

Well Here Comes My Baby
She's Dressed Oh So Cute
She Looks A Little Crazy
In Her Hollywood Shoes
Well Baby Loves Driving
In My Hot Brand New Car
She Thinks Less Than Flying
Is Not Fast Enough
But When You Turn Upside Down
Life Ain't Too Much Fun
I Wanted To Cry
But The Tears Wouldn't Come

lirik lagu Scorpion "Under The Same Sun"

I Saw The Morning
It Was Shattered By A Gun
Heard A Scream , Saw Him Fall, No One Cried
I Saw A Mother
She Was Praying For Her Son
Bring Him Back, Let Him Live, Don't Let Him Die
Do You Ever Ask Yourself
Is There A Heaven In The Sky
Why Can't We Get It Right

lirik lagu Scorpion "10 Light Years Away"

In A Run Down Bed And Breakfast
A Room With A View, Across The River
I Tried To Loos The Claustrophobia
Opened Up And Find Utopia
There's No More Denying
As My Mind Go Flying
10 Light Years Away To Save My Soul
10 Light Years Away To Change It All
Whatever It May Take I Gotta Try Again
Girl It's Time To Start Over
10 Light Years Away
I'd Been Watching The Reflection
Of A Bamboo In The Shade, When I Saw Her
A Very Hot Day In Havana
In A Midnight Blue Lagoon
I Knew She Was Hiding

lirik lagu Scorpion "Lady Starlight"

Walking Through A Winter Night,
Counting The Stars
And Passing Time
I Dream About The Summer Days,
Love In The Sun
And Lonely Bays
I See The Stars, They're Miles And Miles Away
Like Our Love,
On One Of These Lonely Winter Nights

lirik lagu Scorpion "HUricane 2001"

It's Early Morning
The Sun Comes Out
Last Night Was Shaking
And Pretty Loud
My Cat Is Purring
And Scratches My Skin
So What Is Wrong
With Another Sin
The Bitch Is Hungry
She Needs To Tell
So Give Her Inches
And Feed Her Well
More Days To Come
New Places To Go
I've Got To Leave
It's Time For A Show
Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane
Here I Am, Rock You Like A Hurricane

lirik lagu Scorpion "The Zoo"

The Job Is Done And I Go Out
Another Boring Day
I Leave It All Behind Me Now
So Many Worlds Away
I Meet My Girl, She's Dressed To Kill
And All We Gonna Do
Is Walk Around To Catch The Thrill
On Streets We Call The Zoo

lirik lagu Scorpion "When The Smoke Is Going Down"

Just When You Make Your Way Back Home

I Find Some Time To Be Alone

I Go To See The Place Once More

Just Like A Thousand Nights Before

I Climb The Stage Again This Night

'cause The Place Seems Still Alive

lirik lagu Scorpion"Love On The Run"

I Love You Once
Rock You Twice
My Love's A Gun That Wants To Talk Tonight
I Kiss The Lust
Right From Your Lips
The Way Is Feels Will Hit You Like A Blitz
Day After Day
Day After Day I Rock The Speed
Night After Night
Night After Night
Love On The Run
Always Loaded Like A Gun

lirik lagu Scorpion "Every Minute Every Day"

Well It Seems That I Was Lost
In Intoxicated Night
Following The Trace Of Ecstasy
With No Future And No Past
Just The Present Was Alive
Like A Prisoner Chained On To A Dream
I Was Drowning In A Feeling
That Obsession Rules
Till The Morning Kills The Creatures Of The Night
And I Read Your Lipstick Message
On The Mirror Of The Truth
Now That You're Gone I Realize
Without You
Life's Like A Song Without Music

lirik lagu scorpion "wind of change"

Scorpion - Wind Of Change

I Follow The Moskva
Down To Gorky Park
Listening To The Wind Of Change
An August Summer Night
Soldiers Passing By
Listening To The Wind Of Change
The World Is Closing In
Did You Ever Think
That We Could Be So Close, Like Brothers
The Future's In The Air
I Can Feel It Everywhere
Blowing With The Wind Of Change
Take Me To The Magic Of The Moment
On A Glory Night
Where The Children Of Tomorrow Dream Away
In The Wind Of Change

Code-Code Rahasia Pada HP Nokia,SE,Motorola,Samsung,dll

     Memang jarang orang tau kalo HP tu ada kode Rahasianya.Tapi ternyata memang benar bahwa HP itu ada nomor rahasianya mulai HP jadul hingga keluaran terbaru beberapa kode saya coba masih berfungsi.

      Dan Kode kode inipun banyak kegunaannya dari mengetahui tipe HP hingga menjahili HP temen misalnya :mematikan Network,megubah bahasa,mengubah PIN,PUK,dan Lain-lain.Tapi inget artikel ini hanya untuk informasi saja saya sarankan jangan melakukan hal yang ke dua tadi,oke...ini dia Code-Codenya:

Kode Rahasia Ponsel GSM Nokia

Kode Rahasia Ponsel GSM Motorola

*#06# Menampilkan nomor IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
    *#303# OK Mengubah ke bahasa inggris.
    *#300# OK Menampilkan versi software (SW and HW Version).
    *#301# OK Test keypad.
    1234 OK Kode default ponsel.
    *#311# OK Merubah kode ponsel default.
    ***113*1* OK Net Monitor ON.
    **113*1* OK Net Monitor OFF.
    *#304# OK Set Off engineering mode.
    *#304*1998072# OK Set On engineering mode.
    *#307* OK Engineering test mode.
    *#400# OK ADC call val.
    19980722 OK Master unlock code for phone and sim lock.
    *#0000# OK Setting and restore.
    *#402# OK Contrast
    *#305# OK Location 1

Kode Rahasia HP Cina Luenxkapppppppppp duahhhh..

Cari uang Rokok dan pulsa goceng...gampaaang,caranya:cukup bantuin temen yg hpnya kena masalah,daripada di Conter biaya RP 60 rb,mendingan kasih ke kamu  rokok sebungkus atau pulsa goceng or ceban,bereeees.ini senjatanya: cukup tau code2 rahasia HP spt dibawah ini.

Sebelumnya Saya
telah memposting
dan selanjutnya
akan  share
Kode Rahasia HP Nokia
selengkapnya .moga ada manfaatnya:
Langsung aja kita bahas:
Kumpulan, Macam-Macam Kode Hp Cina Yang Perlu Anda Ketahui
Berikut daftar kode hp cina yang perlu Anda ketahui bagi Anda yang saat ini sedang memakai produk dari vendor lokal tersebut.
coba2 saja mazz,sapatahu ada yg nyangkut
Ini Kode Umum nya

*#66*# => Mengembalikan pengaturan kembali menjadi pengaturan awal atau Factory Reset.

Kode Rahasia Hp Nokia

N95 Secret Codes

hai para netter smua pd postingan ini ane akan share kode2 rahasia hp nokia,,smoga artikel ini dpat membantu agan-agan yg sedang cari tahu tentang trik trik hp nokia,,oke langsung aja cekidot.... *#06#
IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)


Bagi yang belum tau,kepengin tahu dan sekedar iseng
mau mencoba, berikut kunci kode rahasia hp nokia nya tinggal ketik saja di keypad ponsel sobat tanpa
spasi bisa cdma ataupun gsm,jika tidak berhasil berarti
belum soport tipe hp sobat. Kode ini juga sering di
pakai tukang servis hp kebanyakan, simak kode hp
nokia berikut ini : =. Melihat IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
caranya ketik * # 0 6 # (sangat penting. Simpan no
imei ini untuk jaga-jaga jika hp sobat hilang)

Kode Rahasia HP Sony Ericsson Lebih lengkap

Kode Rahasia HP Sony Ericsson
Cari uang Rokok dan pulsa goceng...gampaaang,caranya:cukup bantuin temen yg hpnya kena masalah,daripada di Conter biaya RP 60 rb,mendingan kasih ke kamu  rokok sebungkus atau pulsa goceng or ceban,bereeees.ini senjatanya: cukup tau code2 rahasia HP spt dibawah ini.
Sebelumnya Saya
telah memposting
Sekarang ku post
Selanjutnya Saya
Di Lanjutkan share
Kode Rahasia HP Nokia
selengkapnya .moga ada manfaatnya:
Langsung aja kita bahas:
Untuk mengetahui informasi – informasi tersembunyi pada ponsel atau HP Sony Ericsson, silahkan tekan kode akses dibawah ini kamu cukup ketik kode yang diinginkan dalam
posisi standby /layar utama. Berikut
adalah daftar kode tersebut dan
penjelasannya :
1. *#06# : untuk melihat IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
Konfigurasi nomor IMEI
Sony Ericsson seperti ini

TAC = Type approval code of your sony
ericsson Mobile
FAC = Final assembly code of your
SNR = Serial number of your sony
ericsson Phone
SP = Spare

Rahasia Code Hp samsung

Originally Posted by rafed View Post
klo samsung anycall sgh e-768 codena bisa gak om post disini
thans before
kalok tipe Samsung tipe E saya belum tau kode rahasianya bos tapi coba kode-kode samsung di bawah ini.
*2767*JAVA# Java Reset and (Deletes all Java Midlets)
*2767*MEDIA# Reset Media (Deletes All Sounds and Pics)
*2767*WAP# Wap Reset
*2767*CUST# Reset Custom EEPR0M
*2767*FULL# Reset Full EEPR0M (Caution)
For example : *2767*JAVA# would be keyed in as *2767*5282#
Note : Not all codes will work with SGH-C100.


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